Saturday, December 12, 2009


Start this at about 4:00 on a clear, cold Saturday afternoon.

In a small frying pan, toast a teaspoon of cumin seeds until they're light brown and fragrant.

Take a hunk of pork shoulder meat weighing about two pounds and put it in a pot and cover it with water. Throw in a half onion into which you've speared a couple of cloves, four cloves of garlic which you've lightly smashed with the heel of your hand, half your toasted cumin seeds, and five peppercorns. Cover, bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for an hour or so.

While the simmering is going on, assemble the rest of your meez. Pulverize your remaining cumin seeds in a mortar and combine them with a half-teaspoon each of ground black pepper, ground cloves, and cayenne. Put a spring of oregano where you can find it later. Roast a couple of nice big poblano or New Mexico chiles and peel and chop them. Chop an onion and another three or four cloves of garlic. Open and drain two cans of white hominy. (For the maximum posole experience, you would of course have started soaking four cups of dried hominy the night before. But now it's too late. Canned is fine; the texture will be a little different, but it will taste right.)

All that should keep you busy for an hour or so, after which time pull your meat out of the broth and cut it into stew-appropriate cubes. Strain the broth. Do not strain your broth into the sink: keep the liquid, discard the solids. Open your second beer.

In a big heavy pot, saute the onion and garlic with a tablespoon of salt until the onion is translucent. Add the spices and the oregano and cook for a minute or two more until everything is acquainted. Add the meat, the hominy, the chiles, and five cups of the broth. Simmer, covered, for an hour or more, until the meat and the hominy are tender. Serve topped with cilantro in big bowls, with warm tortillas.


pleasurefromthethorns said...

i got a big can of hominy a couple weeks ago and i've been looking for the right application. i'll have to veganize and try this one. i think i'll add a third beer to my recipe though :-)

Rob said...

I think seitan would be worth trying. You'd probably want to simmer the veggies for a while before adding the seitan, though, to give the hominy time to cook thoroughly -- it "blooms" and starts to look like small soggy popcorn when it's ready.

Zisbo said...

Thanks for this. We had it, less some of the peppers in deference to a six-year old's palate, last night. It's tasty with a Caesar salad on the side.

Rob said...

Awesome! Glad it was a success.

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