Thursday, July 9, 2009

No Fun

If you've ever played a crap gig with people you're sick of, if you've ever felt that awful helpless dog-being-given-a-bath kind of humiliation that comes with knowing the music you're playing is sucking worse than anything has ever sucked before and you can't do a damn thing about it, if for any reason you've ever found yourself on a stage wanting to be somewhere, anywhere else, preferably thousands of miles away where you will never have to look at the pathetic bunch of wankers you've gotten roped into doing this stupid gig with ever again, then you will feel Johnny Rotten's pain in this video. This is the last song from the Sex Pistols' last show.


fiddlemethis said...

Love the commentary at the beginning...but the whole thing was just so much No Fun I didn't watch the whole video!

I think I'll go shove some lemons up a dead chicken's arse now.

Rob said...

Heh. I can see how the vid would put you in that mood.

styleworld said...

the intro is intriguin