Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-Inauguration Trivialities Mix

  • Friday's high temperature in Takoma Park, Maryland: 18 degrees. Friday's high temperature at McMurdo Station, Antarctica: 34 degrees. Of course it's summer down there, but still. I've started growing my hair back. Usually when I try this it gets about three millimeters long, and I behold how tragically bald and grey I've become, and then I shave it all off again, but if this weather keeps up I'll need all the scalp-warming I can get.

  • How in the world did I get through the 80s and 90s without ever once hearing the Urban Dance Squad? This stuff is amazing. And Tres Manos is a telecaster guy.

  • From Serious Eats, this is an odd little video of Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain talking about food and sex. I post it here only because Bourdain echoes something I've been saying for years, viz. that whether a prospective partner enjoys sushi is a reliable indicator of how well I'm going to get along with her. If she doesn't like uni, or ankimo, or otoro -- my god, how can there be anybody anywhere who denies the near-hallucinatory deliciousness of otoro? and yet such people exist -- the prospects are very, very grim. Which is why I find Japanese restaurants to be ideal for first dates.

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