Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heh. You said equus asinus.

Snow falling on the weird little outdoor minimall that Ellsworth Drive has become, falling in those hard little pinpoint flakes that only happen when the air is very, very cold and dry. I'm standing in a small crowd listening to a women's choir in identical shaggy red knit caps and scarves singing Christmas carols. Two resigned-looking donkeys, bedecked with holly and ribbons, are pulling a red-and-gold wagon loaded with hay bales and children up and down the street. As they pass the stage, a guy in front of me says to his friend, "I bet you don't have Clydesdales in New Hampshire!"

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pleasurefromthethorns said...

i've seen plenty of homo-erectus donkeys on ellsworth drive. "4 legs good, 2 legs baa-aa-aad!"