Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More About Tonight

So there I was, a little past 11:00 tonight, in a crowd at 14th and U grooving to a bunch of drummers pounding out a perpetual,interweaving jam. (They're at about 5:30 in the video.) The drummers stopped playing for a minute, and one of them shouted "Hey! You people want to hear some news?" The crowd whooped and hollered. The guy said, "Well, the news is... WE WON!" The crowd went crazy. Drums cranked up again. Everybody chanting OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! and YES! WE! CAN! YES! WE! CAN! YES! WE! CAN!

Today I finally started to recognize America again.

Now we begin.

Update. DCist has more pics and videos of the festivities.

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hsempl said...

that is supercool!

i saw tara on tv last night

what's with the banana?