Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain v. McCain: Golden Parachutes

I have a hard time watching this because I'm afraid his head might explode.

What I've often thought of George W. Bush and his administration clearly applies to McCain, alas. To wit: there are only two possible options about what's going on in his mind. Either (1) he has a mental defect that makes him both completely insensible to irony and dangerously, surreally forgetful; or (2) he's a liar, a weaselly mendacious two-faced deceitful dishonest unscrupulous untrustworthy morally bankrupt evil lying-ass lying liar who lies. There are no other possibilities. It's hard to say which quality would be more alarming in a president.


pleasurefromthethorns said...

...but at least his VP seems to have all of the experience, competency, potential, integrity, and fortitude (not to mention sex appeal!) that he lacks, right?

Rob said...