Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weedly weedly TWANG Mix

  • In the couple of years that I've been rediscovering electricity in my guitar playing, I've come to the understanding that I'm a Telecaster guy. (As opposed to a Les Paul guy or a Stratocaster guy, these being the other two schools of solid-body electric guitar thought.)

    I've had this thing a week, and I can't put it down. It's one of the new Fender Squier "50s Classic Vibe" Teles. It's the most compulsively playable electric guitar I've ever had in my hands.

    The Telecaster was the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar. It couldn't be more basic: just two pieces of wood screwed together, some magnets, some wires. Leo Fender engineered it so that it would be easy to repair and maintain and replace parts, and priced it so it would be available to the average working musician. In so doing, he created an infinitely versatile, unimprovable workhorse of a guitar.

    It's simple like a violin. A Telecaster will lay bare all your weaknesses and strengths as a player. There's nothing to hide behind. It rings like a bell, responds like a mirror. It's a total blast to play.

    Other Telecaster guys include Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed:

    ...and John 5:

  • That's one reason I'm in a good mood today. Another is that there's a new Simon's Cat video.

  • Murky Coffee is now my favorite coffee shop. Well, it has been for a while, especially back when the Eastern Market location was still open. But really. Read this, and this and this and this.

    This reminds me of Chef Paul Luna (late of the Oval Room, and one of my formative culinary influences). He had a restaurant in Atlanta years ago, and he drew a lot of attention for the fact that he didn't have salt or pepper on his tables. If you asked for it, the waitstaff would ridicule you. The message was very clear: the chef knows how to season your food so as to bring out its flavor perfectly, and you are expected to trust him. If this doesn't suit you, eat somewhere else. May we suggest the Waffle House across the street?

    Much the same thing is going on with Murky. They really know their stuff, and anyone who doesn't think so has a wealth of other options, and good for Nick and his staff for standing up to such a nasty, overentitled jackass.

  • In other news, Vaca Estupenda wishes a happy birthday to Dame Helen Mirren, who turns 63 this week. Yeah.


mike said...

I woulda had you pegged for a Paul Reed Smith guy. But yeah, Telecasters are the apple pie and Mom of electric guitar.

Rob said...

People who like PRS guitars are generally Les Paul guys. It's about attitude and personality, not so much about the gear itself.

Although this tele, through some bizarre alchemy of tone and balance and geometry, makes me think "oh, right, this is what playing guitar is like!" every time I pick it up.

T said...

I'm just catching up...but Simon's Cat--it's just like watching the Olympics with Maddie around!