Saturday, July 12, 2008


Oooh. Watch him squirm. This is pretty bad.

Just look at him stroking his non-existent beard while his mind races, trying desperately to find a way out of the question without discrediting either himself or Cary Fiorina. It's awful to see.

I almost feel sorry for the guy. Hell, I've always kind of liked John McCain. If the batshit crazy wing of the Republican party hates him so much, he can't be all that bad. But I'm very happy that the prospect of him becoming president is so far-fetched. May it continue to be so.

(Not that I'm all that enthusiastic about Obama either, mind you, but that's for another post.)


mike said...

I'm not a licensed psychiatrist or nuthin', but y'ask me, a guy who gets poked with a pointy weapon and spends years in a POW camp and then still thinks war is a good idea... well, Foghorn Leghorn said it best: "There's som -- I say, there's something kinda yiiiiiiie about" that.

(Not endorsing Obama either, but we could certainly do worse. Most of my life, we have.)

Diana said...

I couldn't get the video to play! And I really want to watch it :)

Rob said...

Yeah. Compare with John Kerry, who was never taken prisoner or tortured, and who became a leading voice for the anti-war movement. It's a point to ponder, for sure.

Di: did you ever get the video to work? It plays just fine on both my work and home machines.

Diana said...

Yeah, I got it to play at work. Tres interesante. And yes... the awkwardness was palpable :p

hsempl said...

i will get back to you...i'll try to get back to you...

yes, this is (almost- also fun) painful to watch because we've all been there with not knowing how to respond to things (at least i have; with me it's usually cause my attention's wandered off playing) but come on all politicians! the question isn't "what was your vote in the past." there's nothing to get back about, unless you don't own your opinion. oh wait, you don't.