Monday, June 9, 2008


Per A Tiny Revolution, my favorite poli blog: as I type this, Dennis Kucinich is introducing 35 separate articles of impeachment for the president. He's reading them all into the record. As of right now (9:27 pm) he's on number 18: torture. Go watch on C-SPAN.

In other news, today Scott McClellan was invited to testify under oath before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, June 20th at 10 AM. Better stock up on the popcorn.

Update. Read Kucinich's articles of impeachment here. I feel a little ambiguous about all this. On the one hand, I'd love nothing more than to see Bush & Co. called to account and exposed for the lying, cheating, murdering, immoral, underhanded, opportunistic, corrupt, anti-American, thoroughly evil scumbags they are. I want to see them led from the White House in chains. I want to see them pilloried in Lafayette Park, wearing clown noses and dunce caps, while thousands of jeering onlookers pelt them with raw vegetables.

Um. Where was I?

Oh. Right. I was going to say that two years ago, impeachment would have been worthwhile, but now, while it would certainly be immensely gratifying, it would mainly be a distraction from the big quesiton of what the future is going to look like. With only a half-year of Bush's tenure left, maybe the best thing to do is to focus on who the next president is going to be, and shuffle the little cretin out of office as quickly and efficiently as possible. And we can still hope that the FBI and Interpol will be waiting to arrest him on January 20, at the very second he ceases to be president.

It's still pretty damn gratifying that someone in Congress is speaking out, though, even if it does come to nothing in the end.


hsempl said...

Meanie. I was reading your blog just before signing off and going to bed. I got sucked in to the impeachment reading vortex and listened for an hour (I'm not sure what number he'd got to, but it was over 29, and I think it's like the last few minutes of a football game). It's amazing how we have not yet impeached someone whose impeachable offenses go on so long that one can fall asleep listening to them. Whether or not Mr. Kucinich intended that, it's a powerful image.

When I did go to sleep, I dreamed someone was naming off the reasons the U.S. went to war in Iraq: "We had weapons." "It's name sounded like 'ack'". "We wanted to." etc.

Scarily, the nondream reasons are about the same.

mike said...

Um, it doesn't matter if it would be a distraction or inconvenient timing or anything. Impeachment is a constitutional duty, it is not optional, and no member of the House who has neglected to introduce or cosponsor articles of impeachment is fit to serve the public in any capacity. (So that's, like, 433 out of 435 right now? So be it. To paraphrase the first Clinton presidential campaign, it's the Constitution, stupid.)