Sunday, May 25, 2008

Urban Verbs Again

This is where I was last night.

This was my first time seeing a band that changed my life a quarter-century ago. It was an hour and a half of High Awesomeness. I do kind of wish that Roddy had been off-book (music stands have no place in rock & roll), but eh. At this point they have nothing to prove. What a great show.

NPR is going to have the audio of the whole set available here sometime today.


An Briosca Mor said...

If someone in a rock band is using a music stand, they really ought to trash it as part of the show. Right before they trash their guitar. For a nice variation, use the music stand to trash the guitar.

What's next, the lead guitarist comes onstage after everyone else to sound the A so they can all tune?

Rob said...

I think if it had been me and I wasn't confident of remembering my lyrics, I'd at least have them written out in really big letters so I could set the stand as low as possible. Rock & roll credibility aside, it spoiled the sight lines. But I really can't fault them; stand or no, they didn't have any trouble bringing it, as you can see.