Friday, May 23, 2008

Farewell to Anagrams Mix

Just a few things I've been meaning to blog about in the last week...

  • Last Friday, the cocoon that's been hanging by my front door all winter finally hatched.

  • I got my first order from Polyface on Saturday: chickens, bacon, eggs. I thought I had ordered some pork butt too, but it must have slipped off the radar. The bacon is old-school country stuff, meaning chewy and way salty; I love it, but a little is almost too much. I've roasted one of the chickens with some tarragon from Lori's amazing garden, and it went down very well.

  • I installed new pickups in the Squier Jagmaster that I bought a couple of months ago. The Jagmaster is kind of the redheaded stepchild of Fender's Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Mustang family, the main differences being that (1) it lacks the more esoteric electronics of the Fender models, and (2) it's carved by a CNC machine in China instead of one in California. It's a nice comfortable guitar, but the stock pickups seemed to be voiced for metal. Not that that's a bad thing--they sounded great with tons of distortion--but I never got clean tones out of them I was happy with. The pickups I replaced them with are GFS Fat Pats, and they're much more balanced. I can still go out and burn villages with this guitar when the situation requires it, but I can also take it to ice cream socials and tea parties. Very cool.

  • Saturday I bought a new bicycle lock, a new spiffy red-and-black helmet, some chain lube, and a bell. The bike shop I went to had about eight or ten different kinds of bells: some that went brrring, some that went dink, some that went pingping. They had a couple of those absurd rubber-squeeze-bulb horns too. I was tempted, but in the end I opted for a bell that makes a loud authoritative DING. It's glossy black. Very, er, manly. When I got home I realized that in getting all wrapped up in which bell to buy I'd forgotten the main thing I'd wanted to go shopping for: new pedals. Spacey little consumer, I am.

  • Did you see this?

    That's Alex Castellanos, a GOP consultant, saying it's right and proper to call Hillary Clinton a bitch because she's strong and abrasive and aggressive. And women, we all know, aren't allowed to be like that. Classy guy, eh? I bet he's a big hit with the ladies.

    Things are going to get really ugly between now and November. I can't wait to see how McCain's camp courts the ignorant racist vote.


Melissa said...

I take it you've decided to go ahead and give bike commuting a shot? Atta boy!!! I mean, erm, atta man!!

Rob said...

Yep. I'm turning in my parking pass at the end of the month. We'll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

Di said...

Turning in your parking pass?!? Uber brave! What if you need to drive one day??

Rob said...

If I really need to drive, I can pay eight bucks for a day permit. Which seems steep, except that right now I'm paying $110 a month for the privilege. I really should have started doing this years ago.

I'm of course not in shape to start cycling fifteen miles a day five days a week right off the bat. But I think I can ease into it by riding to progressively more distant Metro stations. Start with Silver Spring for the first week, then Cleveland Park maybe, then maybe Dupont. That's the vague plan anyway. I'm holding myself to none of this if it turns out to be more of a hassle than it's worth.

T said...

Of course, if Hillary were quiet, meek, demure, and "ladylike," the same commenter would call her wishy-washy, weak, and a pushover--which, in my mind, is a hell of a lot less presidential. Of course, I guess "presidential" these days means stupid, arrogant, and willfully & pointlessly stubborn.

Mmmm, real chicken! And if I could still eat bacon, I'd be on your doorstep if it could be managed--I grew up on that stuff. Make some baked beans and put it in there if you have too much to eat on its own.

Biking: you've got more willpower than I have. Fair play to you.

Di said...

Oh wow, I didn't know you were paying that much for parking. Ugh, I can see why you would turn in the pass. But why would you ride to Dupont or Cleveland Park? Wouldn't you ride toward Fort Totten or Petworth? Maybe my mental map is backwords or something.

Rob said...

Oh, those would be out of my way, you're right, but it's a nicer ride going through the park, and if I'm going to take Metro anyway, one station is as good as another.