Friday, April 18, 2008

More household carnage

First there's the crash, the unbelievably loud almighty crash from the next room, all the more startling because you're home alone. As you reflexively jerk your head in the direction of the noise, thinking, "what the FUCK?" you see a cat running from the room. No, not running: walking very, very fast, faster than you can run, absolutely silently, body held low to the ground. Whoosh. She vanishes from view. You survey the damage.

See the thing lying across the toilet lid and pinning the shattered remains of my aluminum plant to the wall there? That's the section of marble countertop that sits above the tank of my commode. It weighs about fifteen pounds. Ishi weighs about seven. I'm pretty sure this was her doing because she's been munching on that plant a lot lately.

Seven pounds. The wonder of it all.


T said...

Whoa! How did she manage that??? Silly bizarro delightful kitty, except that now you don't have that shelf. Alas.

Celulite said...

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Rob said...

Excuse me, celulite? I just went to your blog, and I don't see Vaca Estupenda on your blogroll. In fact, you don't even have a blogroll! I bet you didn't really think my post was likeable at all. A hug, indeed. Hmph. I feel neglected, betrayed, crushed like my aluminum plant. Flow, flow, my tears.

T: I was able to get the shelf back into place again, so everything's ok. I hope Ishi learned her lesson not to do whatever she was doing.

hsempl said...

what, get your attention? now she has to figure out the next way.


(i've been spending too much time youtubing shark videos. if you haven't yet, go to youtube and type in "greenland sharks" or "frilled shark" or "hammerhead sharks"

ishi won a prize for that at an unknown to humans cat fair

T said...

I pity the soul who identifies him- or herself with the name "cellulite," misspelled or not! But--fucking blog spam. Hate it!

I like the idea of a cat fair that we don't know about. I'm sure Maddie's a judge or an emcee at it, because she doesn't really get up to too many antics--but oh! the voice on her.