Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maybe it's a little premature

Maybe I should at least wait till the results of today's primary in Pennsylvania are in. Although even that is kind of moot because whoever wins the election is going to have his or her hands full cleaning things up, repairing the deep harm done to our relationships with other countries, and earning back the trust of Americans in their own government. And it's impossible not to feel horrified and hopeless at the situation in Iraq, which is really really grave, much worse than the mainstream media is telling us. And of course there's a lot that could happen in the last eight months of the Dear Leader's reign, and the possiblity exists that John McCain could win the election, which would strike a blow for the cranky old white man demographic and guarantee us another four years of the same damn thing. For that matter, Hillary Clinton threatened to obliterate Iran today. Who knows what's going to happen?

But still, I just can't stop singing this song. It's "The News" by Carbon/Silicon, the new band fronted by Mick Jones and Terry James (late of the Clash and Generation X, respectively).


hsempl said...

that's so cheery!! i'm very happy to have seen it
(your post is likeable...no wait)

Rob said...

Ahem. Thank you. :-)

And yeah, when Mick Jones is delivering a message of cheerful optimism, it's hard to think things won't eventually be all right.

T said...

You should also read Jeanette Winterson's new one, The Stone Gods, which is a little precious and overblown at times, but with what she's talking about (the "end" of the world), I'll allow her that. I'll lend it to you next time I see you.

Rob said...

Thanks! Yes, I'm interested. Haven't read any JW in many years.

T said...

She's taken some interesting turns, but still, all her novels hang together as a Body of Work. She's still playing with the question of autobiography/not-autobiography in some cool ways.