Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet Taste of Schadenfreude Mix

  • If you have XM radio, listen to Fine Tuning (XM 76) tomorrow night, March 12, at 8 pm to hear a concert I recorded with Maggie Sansone. It's a little nervous-making to announce this here because I haven't heard the finished, edited show. I hope it's good.

  • It's interesting to me that the hooker Eliot Spitzer met with was told that he would ask her "to do things that [she] might not think were safe." It reminds me a little of the hilariously pathetic downfall of Reverend Gary "Two Wetsuits" Aldridge: I bet this all comes from Spitzer having particular fetishes he doesn't feel he could share with his wife, and seeking an outlet for them elsewhere. With tragic results.

    Even so. Dude's got the worst face of atonement ever. I have no idea what he looks like normally, so henceforth whenever I hear his name I'm going to reflexively imagine this sad, lipless freak. No wonder he had to pay $5,500 an hour.

  • This is me and Kyosaku every morning (baseball bat optional):


Anonymous said...

laugh, weep, gasp, holler, howl .. wiping tears ... sad lipless idiot :)) and Simon's cat .. I am rolling around on the floor ... with Tigger, Poncho and Ruby .. what a treat :))) schluchz, giggle.

T said...

That's *awesome*. And do you know, I very nearly posted that same picture of Spitzer with some commentary on how I can understand why he'd have to pay for it....

Rob said...

I'm not being quite fair to Kyosaku. She usually waits until my alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button before she starts the wakeup maneuvers. The other Simon's Cat video is great too.

I've been trying to make the Eliot Sptizer atonement face in my mirror, and I can't! I can tuck my lips in, but getting that precise quality of facial implosion... shrug? If it's a spontaneous expression, it's pretty damn impressive.

An Briosca Mor said...

He looks like those old guys on the farm who have lost all their teeth and then don't bother to put their dentures in any more.

But why is his wife still standing up for him? I heard speculation this morning that she's the one urging him not to resign the governorship. Dude's worth several hundred million bucks, and she'd get half of that (probably more, with child support thrown in) if she just dumped him immediately. Why stick with him? He must have something going on that none of us knows about. Maybe he cracks her up with funny faces every morning at the breakfast table to get her day off to a good start.

And one of the Republican NY politicians I saw quoted in stories about Spitzer was state Sen. Martin Golden, who I believe is the brother of Donny Golden the stepdancer. Donny's family is from Brooklyn, so maybe Tes would know.

Orion said...

Oh Rob... what a spectacular find...the cat... not the face of atonement I mean of course. Thanks for providing me with a whole day full of grins! I certainly hope the baseball bat is optional when it comes to Kyosaku's morning ministrations. :)

Rob said...

Oooooooh. In her column in today's Post, Ruth Marcus has this quote from a speech that Sptizer gave last August:

"Driven by hubris, we become blind to our own fallibility and make terrible mistakes."

Who can tell what his wife is thinking? In the video it looks like she's considering crawling under the carpet. It's easy to say "Oh, if I were her I'd already be drawing up the divorce papers," but we really have no way of knowing till we're actually in the situation. People are complicated.

And O., I did name her Kyosaku for a reason. :-)

T said...

Yeah, the wife's reaction seems inexplicable, but she must have her reasons--or, at least, I hope she has!

John, I have no idea whether that Golden is a relative of Donny's. I've never met Donny, much less anyone else in his family.

That's funny--Maddie also (often) waits until the alarm goes off. Smart kitty. I'm just glad we don't have a baseball bat, because I'm sure she'd consider using it!

An Briosca Mor said...

I think I've figured out Eliot's facial expression. He's fixin' to spit, sir. Stand back!

(Okay, I apologize for the crummy pun.)

And Tes, I just figured that since you were living in Brooklyn for a while, you might have heard of the guy. If he is related to Donny, he might be representing Brooklyn.

T said...

Ok, John--I just did my research, and Golden *is* a Brooklyn state senator, but Brooklyn being as big and populous as it is, his district isn't particularly close to where I live. But, as it turns out, his district includes Bay Ridge, which is where Donny grew up. So it sounds feasible to me that they're brothers.

Not surprisingly, my district has a Democrat senator.