Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chicken Antioxidant Soup

Tes (visiting from NYC) started coming down with a cold yesterday, so I pulled out a recipe I first concocted back when we were housemates and we were both sick. It's gone through many revisions since then, but the basic idea remains the same: a supercharged chicken tortilla soup without the tortillas, full of immune-system-bolstering, respiratory-system-unclogging goodness. It's a mighty thing when you're feeling poorly.

Start by sauteing a small onion, six cloves of garlic, half an orange bell pepper, and one or two jalapeƱo peppers (all sliced, chopped, and minced as appropriate) in peanut oil with a tablespoon of chili powder, a half-tablespoon of dried sage, a big pinch of oregano, and maybe a couple of teaspoons of salt. When the veggies are soft, add 1½ pounds of chicken thighs, a bottle of beer, the juice of a biggish lime, and enough water to finish covering everything. Bring this to a boil, then covered the pot and simmer for 30-40 minutes, till the chicken is cooked through. Add a zucchini and a yellow crookneck squash (both chopped) and a cup of cooked chickpeas and simmer a little longer, till the squash is just tender. Bone and chop the chicken thighs and add the meat back to the pot, along with another limeful of juice. Garnish with chopped cilantro.


Anonymous said...

my favourite

T said... was SO good. Perfect accompaniment to all those Firefly episodes :-)

hsempl said...

dare i ask if there's a vegetarian option?

Rob said...

Well... ok. I suppose an appropriate quantity of cubed tofu, cut into cubes and stir-fried till golden and crispy, would be a decent substitute for the chicken. Add it at the last minute, and use a nice hearty vegetable stock instead of the water, and of course skip the 30-40 minute simmer required to cook the chicken.