Sunday, March 16, 2008

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

  • First, a public service message (Thanks, Tina!):

  • Jet and I saw Macbeth (co-directed by Teller) at the Folger last night, and um, yeah, ah. This has been one of my favorite Shakespeare plays since I first read it in tenth grade. I practically have it memorized; I've been in two productions of it, and this show still totally sucked me in. It's unbelievably good and thoroughly harrowing.

    There are the moments of sheer, raw amazement that one can feel ripple through the crowd. Laughs and gasps over Banquo’s ghost’s unexpected comings and goings (which we do in a tricky way that reminds the viewer how vulnerable we all are to misdirection). Gasps at the horrible beauty of Lady Macbeth’s nightmare. And the magic fits. It doesn’t jump out or feel grafted on. It is, I believe, exactly what Shakespeare had in mind.
    (Teller's impressions of opening night, from his Macbeth blog)

    I'm still processing too much to be able to write about the show coherently (I've been trying!). Just, well. You must see this. The entire run is sold out, but seriously. Beg, borrow, steal, sell your plasma for bribe money, whatever it takes.


Jeanette said...

Who would have thought one little play could have SO MUCH FUN in it?

Thanks again for doing that with me! It was all that and more.


mike said...

Just wait 'til Teller starts directing Harold Pinter.

hsempl said...

want to buy some plasma?