Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pamelia Kurstin

Have you ever goofed around with a theremin? It's the earliest electronic instrument. You play it by moving your hands through magnetic fields. One antenna controls the pitch, the other controls the volume. Simple, and fantastically difficult, like most simple things.

Watching Pamelia Kurstin play the thing, it strikes me that it may be the most flat-out sublime instrument ever. No clumsy user interface, like a keyboard or strings or a hole to blow into. What it responds to is the way you move your body through space. What an incredibly pure way of making music.

I'm in love.

Update. If you have 20 minutes or so to spare, you really should see this video of Pamelia performing her original piece "Stockholm." Go here and scroll down and click on her picture. It's pure electronic sex.


Jeanette said...

That was COOL. And, of course, she's cute as a damn BUTTON too.

Thanks :)

Rob said...

I think the phrase Tom Robbins used was "cute as a hot fudge taco." It definitely applies.

T said...

Totally cool. And such control--you could almost say it's as much about how one's body *doesn't* move through space as how it does....

Ed Bruske said...

that is very cool, Rob

hsempl said...


shortly after moving to DC, i went to see metropolis at one of those museum's downtown and there was a guy playing a theremin in front of the screen (well, down and to the left).

the neat thing about dc, is there's a good chance there's someone doing something like that somewhere any day!