Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lumpy: Two Versions

When I first started playing around with electronic music, I took kind of a maximalist approach. It amazes me a little to look at some of my first efforts. Tons of VST plugins hooked up every which way, loads of samples, full orchestration, to the point that I can't even tell what I was thinking then. I put insane amounts of time into the stuff, too, and of course it all sounds like crap.

The further along I've gone in this medium, the more pared-down the work seems to get, and the happier I am with the results. Lately I've been seeing how far I can go using just one sample and a minimum of effects. This thing I banged out today is in that vein, and I'm pretty pleased with where it's going. It's a bit of spacey minimal quasi-dub built around a sample of piece of 2" PVC pipe being slapped with my open hand.

Then, just for giggles, I recorded another version. Same notes, same music, but this time the sample is me coughing.

I bet Brian Eno does this kind of thing all the time.


T said...

Cool stuff! I especially like the coughing one--very cinematic--I could hear it being the soundtrack to some film about viral aliens invading each person, one mucous membrane at a time...mwa ha ha ha!

mike said...

That's good. Cross between Desi Arnaz and Mike Oldfield.