Tuesday, January 1, 2008


  • 2007 was a guitar year. 2008 will be another one. I resolve to continue refining my technique and deepening my understanding of my instrument.

  • As a corollary, I resolve to scale down my use of DADGAD tuning in Irish music and spend more time with drop-D. DADGAD's become too much of a crutch for me.

  • I resolve to finish and release my long-delayed cd of electronic music.

  • As part of my as-yet-top-secret foray into songwriting, I resolve to write a minimum of one song a month.

  • I resolve that by this time next year, I will have started gigging in contexts outside of Irish music. It would be wonderful to have put an actual band together by then, but I'm not going to commit to that.

  • I resolve to finish building that mandolin. That's hardly worth resolving, but I need at least one easy thing on this list.

  • I resolve to begin learning/remembering Spanish. Living where I do, I feel ridiculous being an English-language monoglot, especially considering the years of Spanish I took in high school. That's got to change.

  • I resolve to commit more time to cardio exercise while continuing my current program of strength training.

  • I resolve to reduce the amount of time I spend on things that are irrelevant to my Real Life's Work.

  • Which means I resolve to get serious about changing dayjobs.

  • I resolve to be a snarky confrontational leftist asshole and not to worry about hurting the feelings of those stupid enough to still support the party of George W. Bush. I resolve to make a habit of raining scorn upon Republicans while poking them in the chest. "How 'bout it, sunshine? Is our children learning? IS THEY?"

  • I resolve not to take responsibility for other people's feelings or reactions anymore.

  • I resolve to promote peace, justice, and compassion in everything I do.

Don't you just love reading blog posts like this?


T said...

Woo hoo!

I don't have any resolutions yet. Mwa ha ha ha. Hmmm, to play more Atari?

Orion said...


An Briosca Mor said...

Orion, are you suggesting that Rob get a new automobile to befit his newly resolved lifestyle, such as a Yugo?

Rob said...

Dude, what the hell is that? A pun or something? I know we're all zonked and back at work after the holidays, but really. Public radio humor is beyond the pale.

An Briosca Mor said...

Oh, I see. Then never mind. But I guess Oprah-talk is okay, eh?

Mike said...

Lock 'n' load. Bring it on. Make the pie higher.

hsempl said...

those are really good resolutions. especially about not letting other's reactions control how you behave.

and your easiest resolution is to finish making a mandolin?? man, i'm a slacker.