Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kinda chills you to the bone, doesn't it?

I breezed right by this in the Post yesterday, but Wonkette caught it:

For years, President Bush and his advisers expressed frustration that the White House received little credit for the nation's strong economic performance because of public discontent about the Iraq war. Today, the president is getting little credit for improved security in Iraq, as the public increasingly focuses on a struggling U.S. economy.

That is the problem Bush faces as he prepares to deliver his seventh and probably final State of the Union address tonight


An Briosca Mor said...

Happily, I missed Bush's hopefully final SOTU address last night becuase I was out of the house playing tunes. Of course, had I been in the house last night, I still would have been playing tunes and would have missed it as well. I wonder if Osama bin Laden was watching, or does even he find Bush irrelevant now?

Actually, the real man to keep an eye on during this last year of the Bush abomination is Cheney, the evil of two lessers. He's been awful quiet lately. He must be up to something.

But you know, when you think of it Bush really hasn't gotten all the credit he's due on the economy. Going into his abomination, most anyone with any modicum of sense thought that he didn't have a clue on economic issues. But in fact he had two count 'em two big ideas on how to fuel the economy. The only problem is that one of them (start a war) was morally bankrupt, and the other one (give everyone a $300 tax rebate) was nothing but a useless band-aid. And give him credit for his relentless optimism, too. You have to be an optimist to execute a totally failed action once (the $300 rebate) and then do the same thing again in even worse circumstances and expect it to work. My fear is that he'll do the same thing with his other failed strategy, and that Cheney is now laying the seeds for the next war. Makes a guy want to get out of the house and play tunes.

T said...

Er, *hopefully* final????

An Briosca Mor said...

Well, technically Bush can give another SOTU address if he wants to before he leaves office next January 20th. I for one am sick of trying to find other things to do while he talks, so I'm hoping he decides to keep his mouth shut next January.

Rob said...

I guess that's what the Post writer meant, but it's still damn scary to even suggest the possibility that the Dear Leader isn't on his way out. S/he should have been more considerate.

An Briosca Mor said...

I suppose one possible advantage to Bush doing another SOTU next year would be that they'd need to prop Darth Cheney up on the rostrum behind him. That might at least prevent him from getting up to anything nefarious as the term winds down. But then again, I'm sure the Pentagon has already created a robotic life-like model of Darth Cheney in case the real one ever goes down, and they could just use that while the real demon does his dastardly deeds while everyone is distracted by the SOTU.

Boy, will I be glad when 1/20/09 rolls around. Is it too early to start planning the mother of all parties?

Di said...

Funny John, I was just going suggest that if you really needed something to do next January, a TUNE PARTY seems like the obvious thing... duh.