Friday, January 11, 2008

GulfofTONKIN, he sneezed

Oh my GAWD, our military presence in the Strait of Hormuz is being threatened by a drunk guy who thinks he's Boris Karloff!

Seriously, you would think that that if a government with the wealth and resources that ours has wanted to create some fake evidence for a war, they would at least find an actor with an actual Persian accent. As a causus belli this is about as lame as it gets.

(Al Jazeera has the unedited video that the Pentagon released.)

Update. Via Tina, who really should get a blog of her own going, check out this piece by Ray McGovern: Gulf Shenanigans: No Laughing Matter.
...I must say that, as much as one might be tempted to laugh at the bizarre antics of Sunday’s incident involving small Iranian boats and US naval ships in the Strait of Hormuz, this is-as my old Russian professor used to say-nothing to laugh.

The situation is so reminiscent of what happened-and didn’t happen-from Aug 2-4, 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin and in Washington, it is in no way funny. At the time, the US had about 16,000 troops in South Vietnam. The war that was “justified” by the Tonkin Gulf resolution of Aug. 7, 1964 led to a buildup to 535,000 US troops in the late Sixties, 58,000 of whom were killed-not to mention the estimated two million Vietnamese who lost their lives by then and in the ensuing ten years.

Ten years. How can our president speak so glibly about ten more years of a U.S. armed presence in Iraq? Wonder why he doesn’t know anything about Vietnam.


Jet said...

yeah, when I heard it I flashed on Ali G and thought, oh, COME ON.

Rob said...

Seriously, the guy sounds like he's wearing a fake mustache. I was yelling at CNN in the gym last night. Wolf Fucking Blitzer talking about "ominous threats" in "heavily accented English." Sheesh. Surely as a nation we aren't so stupid as to get into a shooting war over this. I hope.