Sunday, December 16, 2007

An Epiphany

"We went to see the Who at the Cavern. It was wall to fucking wall of people. We muscled through to about ten feet from the stage, and Townshend was smashing his twelve-string Rickenbacker.

It was my first experience of total pandemonium. It was like a dog pile of people, just trying to grab pieces of Townshend's guitar, and people were scrambling to dive up onstage and he'd swing the guitar at their heads. The audience weren't cheering; it was more like animal noises, howling. The whole room turned really primitive--like a pack of starving animals that hadn't eaten in a week and somebody throws out a piece of meat. I was afraid. For me it wasn't fun, but it was mesmerizing. It was like, 'The plane's burning, the ship's sinking, so let's crush each other.' Never had I seen people driven so nuts--that music could drive people to such dangerous extremes. That's when I realized, this is definitely what I want to do.
--Stooges member Ron Asheton, quoted in Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, a great book that you should read.


Zisbo said...

I just read that book for the second time. It is one of my favorite music books. Almost everyone comes off as whip-smart, funny and passionate. Except for Lou Reed...he comes off as an a__hole, but that's no surprise. Time to go listen to the Stooges.

Rob said...

Hell yeah.

If you're alone and you got the shakes
So have I, honey, I got what it takes
Raw Power will surely come runnin' to you

Good to see you here, Tony.