Friday, November 16, 2007

Seconds Before the Weekend Mix

I've been frantically busy lately, so a few choice items have heretofore escaped notice in this space...

  • This past Tuesday, Sonny Perdue, the governor of Georgia, wearing his ceremonial cloak of peacock feathers and attended by his court priest, his grand vizier, and a hundred vestal virgins, ascended the steps of the State Capitol and sacrificed nine white goats and forty white doves to implore the gods to deliver his state from drought. I'm only exaggerating a little. Do I ever think I might move back to Georgia? Well, what do you think?

  • Bob del Grosso visited Hudson Valley Foie Gras and blogged about it. If you're at all concerned about the issue, you should go read the post and have a look at his slide show of the trip. Yeah, ducks are force-fed and eventually slaughtered. But if what a duck goes through in the making of Hudson Valley Foie bothers you, you probably ought to throw in the towel and give up the meat thing altogether. Most animals in the food industry have it a whole hell of a lot worse.

  • I absolutely missed Bourdain's appearance at Lisner last week. Damn it all.

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An Briosca Mor said...

Rob, don't feel too bad about missing Bourdain. Not that it wasn't as good as the article implies (I'm assuming, of course, because I wasn't there either), but it was on a Wednesday night so you'd have had to forego a paycheck to go. I heard about this appearance a couple weeks beforehand, but since it was a Smithsonian Resident Associates thing I figured it would be way overpriced (especially for non-associates like me) and put it out of mind. Then a week or so before it happened I found out that the price wasn't really that bad (less than $30 even for non-associates, IIRC) but it was already sold out! Lisner is a huge room, it holds nearly 1,500 people (I just Googled it to find that out), so it's pretty amazing that Bourdain sold it out well in advance.

I consider myself lucky that I got to see Bourdain live a couple of years ago when he did an in-store appearance at Borders in Tysons Corner to promote the Les Halles Cookbook. Around 100 people were there, he talked for about an hour and then signed books for people who bought them. They even had some local culinary students prepare one of the dessert recipes from the book and served a tasting to everyone there. Pretty cool, especially for free. (Although it was a mid-day weekday thing, so I did have to blow off work to go. Not a tough choice for me...)

At the exponential rate his popularity is growing, he'll probably be playing the Verizon Center in a year or so. We should probably keep our eyes open for that.