Saturday, November 10, 2007


As you would be able to see if the picture weren't so out of focus, I'm done graduating the top. I ended up leaving it kind of thickish -- around .115" inches in the recurve and a little less than .200 in the middle. As it turns out, the frame of my ghetto thickness caliper flexes a little more than it should, which means my measurements are kind of approximate. I didn't want to run the risk of getting the top too thin. I figure final sanding will take care of some of those extra thousandths of an inch.

The top came with the f-holes already cut, which saves me some work but makes for nerve-wracking sanding in that area. In the time since I ordered this kit, International Violins has started offering a version without the precut f-holes, which is what I'll opt for if I decide to build another A-style mando. But I think for my next build I want to do their version of the Gibson F4, which in my correct opinion is the most beautiful mandolin ever.

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Mike said...

Isn't "ghetto caliper" a slang name for some sort of weapon made of barbed wire and pliers?