Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Meta Post: Comments

I encourage everybody who visits here to post comments. I like hearing from you, and it's comforting to know I'm not just shooting my rants and recipes out into empty space.


Posting comments under someone else's name is a sure-fire way to piss me off. Do NOT do this. It constitutes an abuse of this space, it's disrespectful, and it puts me in an awkward position vis a vis the person whose identity you're stealing. This behavior is NOT COOL. Such comments will be deleted. Chronic offenders will be hunted down and have this policy explained to them in ways they will find very unpleasant.

I hope we're clear on this. Carry on.


Not ze French Fiddler said...

Oops... sorry Rob (et John). I guess I'm still getting the hang of blog etiquette! I thought it would be immediately obvious that my comment was a joke, but I forgot how much communication can be lost when translated to "text-only." This is how flame-wars get started! Rest assured, I won't be masquerading again anytime soon. On the upside, I did get John to come out to McGinty's, so I can't feel _too_ regretful.
Keep on bloggin'
-Definitely Patrick, for real.
PS: Does this mean I am banned from RiRa, or will I get off with a light head-butting?

Lorna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rob said...

Sorry, John, the rule applies to you too.

Rob said...

Apology accepted, Patrick. Thanks. I'm looking forward to our gig this weekend.

kcirtap said...

Me too! The partygoers can have fun playing "Which One is the REAL Philippe?" See you up there!