Monday, October 15, 2007

Memory Lane

Man. What a blast it is to find this.

These videos are from the last performance by Pylon, one of the Greatest Bands Of All Time, at the Mad Hatter in Athens, Ga. December 1, 1983. I'm there in the audience somewhere. Tall skinny guy, all in black, hair in Billy Idol spikes.

I'd seen them one time a couple of years before at the Piedmont Arts Festival in Atlanta, and I thought they were the worst thing I'd ever seen. I'm glad my perspective changed in time for me to see them this one last time. This stuff is absolutely brilliant.

They broke up because they didn't want to deal with the business side of being a band. At this point they had been opening for U2 on their first US tour. It was too much like work.

Vanessa worked at the Kinko's I used when I was in grad school. It was always surprising to me to hear her normal, gently southern speaking voice. Totally at odds with the menacing, rasping wild woman she was onstage. I love that she always performed in frilly little dresses and peasant blouses. I don't know if she was intentionally trying to fuck around with people's ideas of femininity. I kind of think not. It just happened that way.

They've regrouped a couple of times since then, even going so far as to put out another album in 1990. I just got a note that they're reissuing their first album, Gyrate, which is the best news I've heard in a while. Guess what we'll be listening to on our way down to Roanoke, Tes?


T said...

Cool! I like them so far, and her getup is really awesome! And hey, you don't have to *intentionally* challenge notions of femininity to challenge them, luckily....

(Hmmm, Rob, how have *you* challenged notions of femininity today? :-)

Jeanette said...

I enjoyed that! Haven't thought about or listened to them in years. Thanks!