Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fish, barrels, and my inner 12-year-old mix

  • By now you may already have seen this recipe, an apparent favorite of Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. Basically you take a potato, an Idaho potato of course, and bore a hole through the middle, end to end. Then (this is the good part) you take a frankfurter and ease it gently, yet with loving firmness, into the hole. Then you bake the whole thing and eat it.

    Really, nothing more needs to be said, does it? You just can't make stuff like this up.

  • The tragic death of Reverend Gary Aldridge, a graduate of Liberty University and a onetime associate of the late Jerry Falwell, is of course nothing to laugh at, no matter what the circumstances. Really, you'd have to be a truly sick, sick person to find the humor in this. Har. Chortle. Snort.

    (That link is marginally NSFW, as if you hadn't guessed.)


Orion said...

Where do you find this stuff? Definitely two cases of truth being stranger than fiction.

T said...

My inner 12-year-old is laughing right along. Hell, my inner 33-year-old is laughing, too!

Maybe Oscar Meyer will take Craig on as a TV spokesperson with this....

Rob said...

TWO wetsuits. TWO.

The poor guy. If only he hadn't been a religious conservative, he could easily have found a community of like-minded friends, and he might even have learned how to manage the autoerotic asphyxiation safely. If he wasn't part of a culture that made him feel he had to hide his fetish, he might be alive today. It's really tragic and sad.

Not that it isn't also screamingly hilarious. TWO wetsuits.

T said...

Hell, I think trying to get two wetsuits on would kill anyone, never mind the autoerotic asphyxiation!

But yes. So true.

There's also the point that liking a dildo in his ass doesn't automatically make him gay--an elision that was surely a huge source of shame for him.

But anyway. Back to lunch.