Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, that's it, then

Hung has won. When Andre Soltner says he'd hire you to work in his restaurant, you've won. Compared to that, whether or not you're the last contestant standing on a piddling little reality show is of absolutely no consequence. God has spoken. Hung is the man. End of story.

That being said, I'm back to rooting for Casey after this episode. If she wins in the finale, it will be a fitting and well-deserved second place.

And I have to say: this ep had the best Top Chef challenges ever. Simple, product-placement-free, and mercilessly revealing of the contestant's abilities. Here's one of Le Cirque's signature dishes; taste and replicate. Here's a chicken, an onion, and a potato; make something fantastic. You can't get any more cheffish than that. I wish the whole show were like this episode.


T said...

I'm rooting for Casey, too--but I'm really enjoying this season because the drama hasn't overshadowed the food. Hung is a little smug, and a good bit snarky, but compared with all the ridiculous bullshit last season--well, it seems rather cute.

Rob said...

I agree on all counts. The final four are all strong cooks, and there's no absurd "bad guy" in there to stir up fake drama.

I do kind of hate it that Hung is being set up as the cold, technical cook, and Casey supposedly cooks "with heart." Balls. Hung's food tastes fantastic from all accounts, and that wouldn't be so if he didn't have heart. Even if he is an arrogant little bastard sometimes.

The really telling moment for me in the show was when all the contestants walked into the kitchen at Le Cirque, and all the line cooks stopped what they were doing and stared at them like they were a bunch of ugly little insects. At that moment you could see what Top Chef really means in the real world.

T said...

Yes--that was a great moment, and we got to see a little bit of how the Top Chef cooks dealt with that. Hung had the attitude to plow through (and chances are, he knew some of those guys?), and Casey put her head down and just did it...but whats-her-name got so rattled....