Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wahoo (mostly)!

Three reasons I'm in a pretty good mood today:

  • Today is my 43rd birthday. While I'm a little miffed at the lack of tickertape parades, fireworks, Air Force flyovers, and greased pig races, it's a good age to be.

  • Even more auspiciously, Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the day I moved to DC, thus instantly improving everything in my life.

  • September in DC. Best. Weather. Anywhere.
One reason I also feel a little self-recriminatory:
  • I forgot today is Car Free DC Day, and I've already blown it by driving to work. No wonder traffic was so light this morning. Hell and blood. I'm a bad, bad liberal.


An Briosca Mor said...

Even a bad liberal ought to be allowed to drive guilt-free on their birthday. Unless they're driving a Hummer or somesuch.

Now, if I ever tried to not drive to work, I'd have to leave the house today to get there tomorrow. But I do at least take Metro to the games, despite the ocean of half-empty parking lots around RFK. Since I haven't been to Nanny's much of late, I guess all of my DC is car-free any more...

Orion said...

Rob!!!! I kept reminding myself about your birthday and in the crush of busyness this week... well it flew out of my mind! Happiest of Birthdays to you!!!! Life got better for all of us too when you moved here. What a pleasure of a person you are... fabulous foodie... gentle and kind friend and teacher with a pinch of wackiness to keep you honest and an awesome musician! I'm so glad I thought to recruit you :) What a brilliant idea that was! I wish you plenty of tastes, tunes and tats in the coming year. I wish you all the best.


Di said...

Happy Birthday (one day late) :)

hsempl said...

Happy Birthday, friend and minister! I was wondering why the weather was extra nice. Everything smells good. I hope you ate well on your day; but if you forgot, it's ok, cause you do most every day, which is so awesome.

43 is a prime age to be!

Rob said...

Thanks, everybody!

Mike said...

Live long and wide.

(And I'm sorry: I tend to remember your birthday when there's a hurricane brewing, not when it comes around on the regular calendar.)

sara said...

hippo birdie two ewes
hippo birdie two ewes
hippo birdie deer ROB
hippo birdie two ewes

Can you tell who's got small children. I love you. I hope you had a good one.