Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Evening Second Beer Mix

  • Ok, so I was obviously dead wrong about Howie. But I was NOT wrong about Casey. She has a keen intelligence for combining flavors, and her plates are always pretty, but if the basic skills aren't there, if she takes ten minutes to chop a freakin' onion, she ain't a Chef, much less a Top one. Sara's looking good. So is Hung. That cereal diorama took major cojones, though he still bitched that the judge didn't understand what he was trying to do.

    (And Padma, babe, you've got to call me soon. You're not getting any younger and I'm not going to wait forever.)

  • Philippe and I are one of eight acts that were selected out of lord-knows-how-many that auditioned for the MoCo MetroPerforms! series, and on the 20th, we're making our grand debut at the Bethesda Metro Station. The Peruvians and the alphornist got picked too, which is right and proper.

  • There's no way I can top the NOAA song for a WhaFUCK? Friday feature, so instead let me show you a true rock & roll moment. This is the Who performing in Cleveland in 1975.

    Pete Townshend is playing through two 120-watt Hiwatt brand amp heads into four 4x12 speaker cabinets (i.e. each one has four 12" speakers). This is an enormous rig. Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine uses one 50-watt head into one 4x12, and he's plenty loud. I know these things because I'm a dork. Anyway. Here's the cool part: three minutes into the video, before his solo, Pete goes bouncing over and casually, almost without looking, dimes the volume on both of those heads. The volume on the stage at that point must have been unimaginable, kind of like standing under the engine of a 747 warming up on the tarmac. In a hurricane. What a guy. I mean, he's got major tinnitus now, but what a guy.


Juice said...

Ah, Padma. Have you seen her video blurb on the Bravo website in which she talks about her scar? Now that's good television.

Rob said...

I haven't actually sat down and watched that video, but I will. And fantasize about blindfolding her and feeding her fois gras and oysters and ripe figs.

T said...

Hmmm...I just don't get the Padma thing. But she sure beats the hell out of that little ditz from Food & Wine!