Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fond Memories of America Mix

  • I just read that the Secret Service has issued warrants for the arrest of AU students who, in cold blood and with malice aforethought, mooned Karl Rove's car. Not the campus police, but the Secret Service. In America, land of the free, where we used to have constitutionally protected rights to assembly and free speech. I guess we should be happy that nobody got shot.

  • Top Chef: I'm hugely disappointed that Tre, the coolest, most professional contestant of the bunch, totally blew it with a truly horrifying dish of beet-cured salmon with pesto and grapefruit. Seriously, look at this recipe and tell me this is something you'd want to put in your mouth. And Casey's knife skills suck. I'm no longer pulling for her. I predict the final round will be Howie vs. Sara in a cage match, and there won't be a winner because they'll strangle each other.

  • I got a new guitar amp this past weekend: a 50-watt Vox Valvetronix modeler. What a fantastic tool it is. It digitally models 11 different amps, has a whole load of onboard effects, and you can program 3 channels and switch between them in-flight. It's the amp of my dreams. When I got my first really good flute after a few years of suffering along with a really awful instrument, I remember feeling absolutely liberated. No more hardware problems: the only thing between me and becoming a really good player was my own willingness to work really hard at it. This amp is kind of like that.

  • The temporary structure where Eastern Market will operate till repairs are finished is now open. I'm looking forward to checking it out this weekend.

  • I'm playing tomorrow night with Maggie Sansone at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Come see us (it's free!), or watch us online.


Mike said...

Y'know, if I were the president, I'd be rather annoyed that the men and women who are sworn to protect my life at any cost are instead protecting the dignity of my former political advisor's CAR.

Jenny Juice said...

Howie VS Sara? What about Hung? I guess his lifeless undercooked chickens and vanilla scented candles might bring him down, but I've gotten kind of attached to his sad empty prickiness.

Rob said...

Mike: absolutely. I can see the campus police or MPD busting the mooners for creating a disturbance, blocking traffic, etc., but the Secret Service stepping in has implications that are the stuff of nightmares.

Jenny, you have no idea how close I just came to blowing coffee all over my keyboard. I may have to make your last sentence my new blog subtitle, replacing the quote from Secretary. I hope you don't mind.

It's a really hard contest to call, and getting harder with each show. I think Casey will go down next, then probably CJ. But who knows after that? Hung is a strong contender, but he's awfully erratic. Sara ROCKED part 2 of the Restaurant Wars, but that's the only elimination challenge she's won. And Howie was all set to send those undercooked lamb chops out to the judges.

I'm still a little embarrassed by how engrossed I am in this stupid show.

Rob said...

This is interesting. Why isn't the Secret Service leading Al Hubbard away in chains?

"White House pranksters wrapped White House political maven Karl Rove's black Jaguar in plastic wrap Wednesday on the private driveway next to the West Wing ... Rove seemed to assign blame for the prank on Al Hubbard, chairman of Bush's National Economic Council."

Jenny Juice said...

Oh my GOD! I'm so honored.

An Briosca Mor said...

Perhaps the reason that the Secret Service is not leading Al Hubbard away in chains is because, according to an item in the Reliable Source column in this morning's Post, that very same Secret Service is responsible for security in the parking lot where Rove's car was parked when it got shrink-wrapped. Thus, they would need to lead themselves away in chains first, and being in chains might inhibit their ability to track down Al Hubbard and wrestle him to the ground. But I bet they're working on it. Right.