Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Olberman on the Libby debacle

Every American needs to see Keith Olberman's latest "Special Comment." I can't embed it here, so click on the link and watch the video at Alternet. Or read the transcript.

Nixon's mistake, the last and most fatal of them, the firing of Archibald Cox, was enough to cost him the presidency. And in the end, even Richard Nixon could say he could not put this nation through an impeachment. It was far too late for it to matter then, but as the decades unfold, that single final gesture of nonpartisanship, of acknowledged responsibility not to self, not to party, not to "base," but to country, echoes loudly into history.

Even Richard Nixon knew it was time to resign. Would that you could say that, Mr. Bush. And that you could say it for Mr. Cheney. You both crossed the Rubicon yesterday. Which one of you chose the route no longer matters. Which is the ventriloquist, and which the dummy, is irrelevant. But that you have twisted the machinery of government into nothing more than a tawdry machine of politics is the only fact that remains relevant.
Go watch.


Orion said...

Whoa! I wish his commentary could be broadcast on all the major networks... everyone needs to hear this in my opinion. A truly outraged commentator and rightly so. People thought Reagan was teflon coated... but he was nothing compared to the two we have in office now. I personally wouldn't mind having Madam President Pelosi for a little while but unfortunately...the way things have been going... I doubt that will ever come to pass.

Rob said...

Well, he's on MSNBC, so that's a good start, I'd say.

Congress, of course, will do nothing substantive about this. Harry Reid, speaking in a passionate state of umbrage, said that "The Constitution gives President Bush the power to commute sentences, but history will judge him harshly for using that power to benefit his own Vice President’s Chief of Staff who was convicted of such a serious violation of law." Which may be true, but Congress is empowered to take much more direct action than waiting for the judgment of history, and I think they'll be judged themselves pretty harshly for not taking it.

Oh- Rep. Wexler will introduce a resolution to censure Bush next week. Yeah, that'll show him.

Mike said...

Hey, don't sell Congress short. They gave serious consideration to a spending bill that would allow the war to go on for only one more year and then that's that. Almost made it to a floor vote, too.

Rob said...

Yeah, way to go, Congress! Way to unmuzzle the awesome power of the legislative branch!

We are SO fucked.