Friday, May 11, 2007

Three Knives, Continued

I'm starting to think this Global chef's knife I've got is too good for me. I'm scared of sharpening it because I might screw up the narrower-than-usual bevel. Which means I'm reluctant to use it because I want to keep the ghastly sharp factory edge on it as long as possible, never mind that how sharp it is doesn't matter if I'm not using it. Considering I'd use my old Henckels to chop nuts and peppercorns without a thought, this is pretty lame. MinoSharp makes a cute little thingamajig for sharpening Global knives; as much as it goes against my principles to buy single-task kitchen equipment, I'm going to have to swallow my pride and buy one if I'm ever going to use this knife like a proper tool. It's either that or find another home for it.

So absurd. If I ever own one of those beautiful Shun Damascus steel creatures, I'll be paralyzed.

Meanwhile, I'm loving the Chinese knife more and more as I'm learning to use it. Granted, it lacks a bit of the precision of a chef's knife, but I suspect that has more to do with the skill of the user. It's comfortable in a fat-ballpoint-pen kind of way, and the wide blade makes a nice safe rest for my left-hand knuckles when I'm chopping things. Plus I know how to sharpen it, so I'm not afraid to put it to good hard use.


sara said...

SO glad you're enjoying that Chinese knife!

Rob said...

I'm seriously in your debt for it. I love it. It's the mountain bike of knives.