Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dinner Plans

I have half an hour to go before I'm off work.

My plan tonight is to work out, then swing by Foods of Wholeness and pick up a nice piece of fish--mahimahi, halibut, something like that--take it home, wrap it in parchment with chopped kalmata olives and lemon slices and fresh oregano (courtesy of Lori graciously allowing me to mooch off her CSA share) and the tiniest bit of cayenne, and bake it at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. In the meantime I'll make a salad and mix a much-deserved Gibson (3 to 1 gin and vermouth, shake with ice, strain into a chilled glass, garnish with pickled onions). I will take my drink out onto my porch and hang out with my cats while my fish finishes cooking. And then I'll have dinner.

No. I'll work out, then go get a steak--no, a handful of lamb chops, that's it. Salt and pepper, stick them under the broiler for three or four minutes on each side. Fried potatoes. Gutsy dark red wine: Australian syrah or something. All I need in life.

Or--ah! After my workout I'll pick up a hunk of gorgonzola cheese, an orange bell pepper, and some fresh basil. I'll thinly slice the pepper and an onion and slowly saute them with olive oil till the onion is carmelized, in the meantime cooking an appropriate amount of spaghetti. When the pasta's done, I'll toss it with the onion and pepper and the crumbled cheese (which will go all melty and wonderful), then scatter in basil chiffonade.

Hm. Let's roast a red bell pepper -- put it under the broiler and turn it till it's black all over, wrap it in foil and let it sit for fifteen minutes, then scrape the blackened skin off with the back of a knife. I'll seed the pepper, cut it into bits, and puree it with cream into a rich red sauce with my brand-new whooshy. I'll make tapanade (kalamata olives, anchovies, garlic, and capers, chopped into atoms and mixed with a little brandy). I'll grill a chicken breast. I'll puddle the bell pepper sauce on my plate, place the chicken on top of that, then top the chicken with a spoonful of tapanade.

Or maybe--


T said...

Ha! What did you wind up with?

Here: leftover gnocchi with tomato sauce from last night, with grilled asparagus on the side.

New whooshy? Congratulations! We got J's mother one for her birthday, and it was a huge hit.

Rob said...

I got a half-rack of lamb. I didn't get quite as far as making a salad -- I had a little heap of mixed lettuces from Waterpenny, and they were so fresh and perfect I ended up eating them just as they were.

Do you make your own gnocchi? I need to have another go at that. Back in Atlanta they're still talking about the Great Gnocchi Disaster of '93.

The whooshy is an Oster. About $20 at Target. It works just fine.

T said...

Mmmmm...lamb. Sigh.

No, alas, we don't make our own gnocchi--but with a fabulous little Italian shop down the street, who needs to? I think the idea of making our own pasta will probably only become enticing when/if we're no longer living in New York!

We wound up getting J's mom a Cuisinart like ours--the other choice at Bed Bath & Beyond was a Braun, and looked flimsy. It was $50, though--ok for a gift, but I'm glad I got mine for much less on Amazon!

Mike said...

Ate in all weekend with new in-laws, all foodies. Higher on the food chain than I normally go, but worth it. Friday night, lamb kebabs, homemade fish dumplings and homebrewed cream ale. Saturday evening, grilled shrimp marinated in Cuban spices, sour oranges, lime and salt; London broil; homebrewed ginger-lemon mead made with champagne yeast. Both mornings, buckwheat waffles and good plain homemade bread with extremely fatty Irish butter, naturally yellow. Brought back some of the aforementioned mead for our cat sitter.

Rob said...

The cat sitter grins ear to ear in anticipation.