Monday, April 2, 2007

RayRay redux

Damn it, it's just so easy to make fun of her. I'm such a bad person.

(Video by Naomi Leibowitz, via Salon.)


Orion said...

mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmming her way all the way to the bank. :)
Nice work if you can get it huh?

T said...

HA! The vapid look after the "mmm" is priceless. Probably what got her the job....

Rob said...

What I want to see are the shots of her going "ew" and spitting her food out into her napkin.

In the plus column for RayRay though -- even though she's all about convenience and speed, she doesn't use a garlic press. I highly approve.

(I'm here in Boulder watching the Food Network in my hotel room. What in heaven's name have I become?)

T said...

...or pre-chopped garlic in jars.

And just think--you could be watching ABC Family.