Friday, April 13, 2007

Machinery tunes, continued

I've been knocking this piece around for the last week, and I've just declared it finished. It's the one down there in the Box widget titled "April 7." Just a little bit of sweet ambient gentleness to waft you into a restful Friday evening. Only the opposite.

Like all the electronic music I'm doing, I built this with Buzz, a very cool and extremely flexible freeware synth/sequencer architecture which has a vast depraved community of users developing new instruments and effects for it. It's also very clunky and prone to crashing, which makes the compositional process more of an adventure than it really should be. But like the disciple of John Cage that I am, I've learned to accept this as another interesting element of randomness in the evolution of a piece. Tuesday night I worked up a different ending for "April 7," but Buzz crashed before I could save it. Tonight I went in another direction with it, and I'm actually more happy with the piece now than I was with the original version.


T said...

Cool stuff! Wish I had some time to play around with that...soon, maybe?

Rosetta Juice said...

Beautiful. It sounds like the bonus track on a goth you forgot to turn off the stereo, and hours later, half-asleep, half-naked in bed, you're awoken by these wonderfully glossy sonorities emanating through the incense/patchouli/black-light haze of your bedroom, and you're like, "What the fuck!--Oh, sweet dude, a bonus track!"

Rob said...

Heh. My whole ouevre is bonus tracks.

J, you have no IDEA now terrifying it is to know that you, with your incredible knowledge and ability and chops, are out there listening to my little squeaks and whistles.

Juicital said...

Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be silly. If anything, I'm the one squeaking and whistling and making people play ridiculous repetitive patterns until their arms and lips and faces fall off, hoping that it makes other people happy. Ah, music.

Bonus tracks are the best part. I remember when I discovered the bonus on the Orb's "Orbital" and I was so obsessed that I painstakingly fast-forwarded to it (and kept missing it, and having to start over) just so I could record it on tape and listen to it over and over without having to wait for it. (Pre-laptop days)

Rob said...

Hm. Now that's a thought. Record somebody playing the same lick over and over for an hour, transcribe the inevitable mistakes resulting from boredom and fatigue, and voila! A sonata. It would be the musical equivalent of a snuff film.

And wow, I haven't heard the Orb since before I started getting into this stuff seriously. I should revisit them.