Tuesday, March 6, 2007


So as long as I've been living in this house, this big orange cat from next door, Goon, has been coming by to visit. He always acts as if he lives here -- sleeping on my porch, waiting to be let inside (which I never do), and so on. Mary Duke was looking after my cats while I was in California, and she put food out for him, which of course made him feel much more at home. And I'm starting to wonder. I haven't seen Goon's owner in a long time. My neighbors from upstairs haven't either. If she's moved away and abandoned this cat, I think I might be adding another member to my happy little family here before long.


mmmqq said...

Whenever a neighborhood cat dares to approach our window my lil' Fluffy hisses and growls with all her might. She'll be having none o' them, thank you very much.

Meow said...

Oh, yes, do take me in! I'm so cute and I'll happily hang out with "the girls" and every good household needs a happy, chubby orange cat. And really I am very nice indeed......don't paws to think about it....I'd be purrfect for your little abode....this is why I've chosen you....and that cute little short haired lady who gave me a blanket and a dish of food...hey, when's she comign back?

me the great said...

i like how your cat is looking disdainfully away. that's a great picture.