Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Adventures in Yeast-Wrangling

Ok, this is what I'm talking about. The initial rise was 24 hours -- it looked ready to go after 15, but I held off till this morning, figuring baking bread would be a pleasant thing to do with snow falling -- and I upped the salt to 2 tsp. I can safely say that I've now acheived greatness. Oh my, this is good. Cup of tea, hunk of cheese, slab of butter. Everything I need, right here.

The snow, though, is just ridiculously excessive. Three days ago I was in California, eating lunch outside, enjoying the sunshine and the cool gentle breezes. Bad enough to come home to freezing temperatures and my yard still covered with a sheet of ice, but more snow? That's just silly.


sara said...

Tried this subsituting 1 cup of whole wheat flour and adding about a tbsp of flax seeds and about a tbsp of millett. Worked well. WW flour seems to call for a little more salt and some sweetness. It threatens the absurd ease of this bread, but I might try with a touch of honey and slashing it before baking to get a little more out of the oven spring as the ww brings down the rise just a bit. Still excellent bread. Seems it's very hard to go wrong.

Rob said...

It's a really flexible technique, isn't it? Just leave it alone, and poof, you've got bread. I've wondered how it would work with whole wheat.

I'm looking forward to making your multigrain bread too. That's probably going to be next weekend.