Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bonus Kitty Pix: Ishi

Dogs are pack animals, and the personality of any one dog is likely to have quite a bit in common with most others. Cats, being loners, vary quite a bit more from individual to individual. Take, for instance, Ishi.

At some point early in her life, Ishi decided that tucking her head upside down and reaching around her hind legs was a more effective method of tail-chasing than the traditional running-in-circles maneuver.

Further research is necessary to determine whether this is a great strategic innovation for cats everywhere, or merely a freakish abberation.

As much as it pains me to say it, I'd probably have to bet on the latter.


orion said...

Rob... that is exactly how Dax prefers to chase her tail. Funny isn't it. It's provided me with much amusement. Dax loves to perform this maneuver in areas where there is precious little room...such as up on the Microwave shelf with about 4 inches of space for her to perch and on the bathroom tub ledge...the thinnest part of the ledge that is. Funny girl.

Rob said...

How do they LEARN these things?

Di said...

And what is it with bathroom tub ledges? Like clockwork, every time I am in the shower Natasha takes a balance beam walk along the ledge between my shower curtain and liner.

Rob said...

Ishi used ot do that too. She'd bat at the droplets of water through the liner. Now Kyosaku has a habit of just randomly pawing the shower curtain. No claws or anything. It must smell mighty interesting to her.

We think they live in the same world we do. But they don't.