Monday, January 29, 2007

Title of the next couple of days

In the interest of safe-for-workness, it's "Spotted Dog" now. Just be glad I didn't call it "Drowned Baby." (That's what you get when you boil your spotted dog/dick with the wrappings slightly loose, so the thing develops a glistening, gelatinous texture.) (And that, friends, is why there is no Iron Chef British.)


Mike said...

C'mon. "Spotted dick" isn't unsafe for work unless you work at an upscale French bakery. You could keep a few slices in the office refrigerator in case anyone challenges you on it.

And for added legitimacy, you could open a Royal Navy theme pub called Spotted Dick's, with salt pork and portable soup. And pot pies in the likeness of Napoleonic forts.

Rob said...

Well, among my readership are people who are upscale, French, or bakers, so there you go.

I'm remembering a Richard's Poor Almanac cartoon from years ago, showing a British restaurant with a sign in the window advertising such specials as "boiled uggins" and "aghy crump."

T said...

Ok, I finally did it. Started my own damn blog, the roasted chicken I cooked was so good. Not that I really talked about it much--still trying to figure out how Blogger's interface works. But anyway: here 'tis--

...but...I'm not upscale, French, or a baker...just for the record :-)

Rob said...

Yee-ha! Noted and linked!