Sunday, January 28, 2007

For your listening pleasure

This morning I've made some final edits to a new piece, "12bus," and I'm pretty happy with it. You can hear it and a couple of older tunes on the widget down there below the links section.

Spotted Dick: your source on the web for recipes, restaurant reviews, cute kittycat pictures, and freakishly strange music. I've got to say the new blog title is growing on me.


Tes said...

Brill. I'll have a listen as soon as the Orfeo cd finishes :-) (something else you need, by the way)

And speaking of (not so) cute kittycat pictures...any minute now, our feline charge for the next few weeks should arrive--Widget, aka Giblet. She's one of those cranky yet delightful cats...though we're hoping that her rather unbalanced owner actually returns for her when she's supposed to! Long story.

Rob said...

HA! Giblet is a GREAT name for a cat!

BTW, Bourdain gives his rundown on the Top Chef contestants today on For those of us dorky enough to care. :-)