Sunday, December 10, 2006


"So I'm thinking about starting a food blog."


"Yeah, I'll write about recipes, do reviews, stuff like that. Just a way to work on my chops a little. So to speak."

"I guess this means we're going to be going to more restaurants."

"I'm afraid so."



Di said...

Man, you've already had 116 profile views! This blog is going to rock!

Rob said...

I have? I haven't even looked. Well -- hi, everybody...

Anonymous said...

You know how the Martin sisters at Ellington's work up their dessert menu, right? They take themselves to dessert at the Four Seasons, eyeball the dessert cart and conclude (reliably) "I could make that." So... you fixin' to try that at RFD?

Rob said...

Er... um... well, I don't like RFD. It's big and bright and expensive and loud. (Unlike the Brickskeller.) So sure, I'd much rather make their menu myself rather than go there.